Via delle Memorie

Via delle Memorie - Bourbon Tunnel

Open to the public

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Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays.




Via Monte di Dio, 14


Disabled people can not join the guided tour, because of the staircases.

Other information

  • Visitors aged over 14 €10
  • Visitors aged 11-13 and over 75 €5
  • Visitors aged under 10 free entrance
  • Mandatory Reservation
  • This English tour is available only for groups; a minimum number of participants is required.
  • Opening on different days: by reservation only
  • Tour lasting: 1 hour
  • Kids can join the guided tour
  • No claustrophobic areas
  • Taking pictures is allowed
  • Smoking – cigarettes or e-cigarettes- is not allowed.

For further information or to book, contact us:

+39 366 248 4151

+39 081 764 5808

An exciting tour right in to the underground depths where it is possible to admire what has been done in the subsoil places in the last five hundred years. This tour starts from the surface, with the explanation of the Palazzo Serra di Cassano's history and its courtyard; moving towards the basement of the ancient building, you will reach the underground. In the basement rooms, the ancient carpenter's rooms, there is a World War II museum: you will find some authentic objects of the time, found in the subsoil. The tour doesn't stop. You will reach the underground caves, used to extract tuff stone in order to build the Palazzo Serra di Cassano, than turned into cisterns during the period of the aqueduct system (of the 15th/16th century); this is the place where we have restored an ancient cistern. You will see a part of the Bourbon Tunnel too, while exiting from the Morelli Car Parking.

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