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La Galleria Borbonica è un luogo speciale per concerti ed eventi teatrali realizzati in sale dalla pregevole acustica; gli ambienti offrono atmosfere magiche per sfilate di moda e mostre d’arte dove si assiste ad un intenso contrasto tra l'antico ed il moderno.

Eventi - Galleria Borbonica

Magical Night Raft Tour

il giorno mercoledì 07 dicembre 2022

Event - Magical Night Raft Tour - Galleria Borbonica

The fascination of the Bourbon Gallery returns with an exclusive and magical night-time guided raft tour.
A small cistern, built at the end of the 15th century, marks the entrance to this adventurous itinerary, which can be reached through a short tunnel from where you can admire some exceptionally well-made hydraulic works, as well as the crosses engraved in the mortar linked to the hard work of the "pozzaro".
Next, a small tunnel known as the 'Pizzofalcone' tunnel.
We will descend to a depth of 40 metres into the bowels of the city at a perceived temperature of 16/18 degrees.
Huge fragments of statues, vintage cars and motorbikes found under the debris will provide an incredible backdrop to our exciting tour.

Entrance: Garage Morelli, Via Morelli, n°61 (pedestrian entrance to the Morelli car park)
Two shifts: 1st shift at 20:00 | 2nd shift at 22:00 - Appointment 15 minutes before
Maximum availability per shift: 45 places
Duration: about 1 hour and 30 minutes
Cost: Single price € 20 (€ 6 in advance + € 14 on site)

Phone: 334 11 19 819 (9am-6pm)
WhatsApp: 334.1119819