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La Galleria Borbonica è un luogo speciale per concerti ed eventi teatrali realizzati in sale dalla pregevole acustica; gli ambienti offrono atmosfere magiche per sfilate di moda e mostre d’arte dove si assiste ad un intenso contrasto tra l'antico ed il moderno.

Eventi - Galleria Borbonica

Gig in the dark

Piano and Violin

il giorno venerdì 18 novembre 2022

Event - Gig in the dark - Galleria Borbonica

The concert in the dark is a unique sensory experience.
A soft light welcomes the audience, the lights slowly fade to total darkness.
The communicative power of the music, combined with the sensory journey into total darkness, make this concert a unique event. Listening to music in this way leads to a change in the common use of the senses; the loss of our usual points of reference will allow us to discover other sensations and experience new listening conditions.
When the lights go out, the musicians disappear, and not just because you can no longer see them: the musician no longer makes sense and there is only the music, and the whole audience finds itself in that music.
You realise that you have been on an emotional and sensory journey through music and darkness, which dissolves with the arrival of light and the sound of the last notes. A privilege that only darkness can grant.

Edo Notarloberti Violin
Luigi Rubino Piano
Music by Edo Notarloberti

Where: Via Domenico Morelli, 61 c/o Parking Morelli 80121 Naples
Cost: € 25,00 per person - Timetable: 21:00 h
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Tel.: 081-7645808
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